Homefriends for healthy, energetic pets full of natural vitality

Hay products as speciality

The world of rabbits and rodents holds few secrets for Homefriends. Breed features and characteristics are important factors in relation to these animals’ health and welfare.
Our specific knowledge enables us to develop a surprisingly innovative Homefriends range of feed and treats for rabbits and rodents.

Rodents and rabbits need vitamins and minerals to stay fit and healthy, and to grow well and recover quickly. Rodents can produce certain vitamins themselves, but also obtain many vitamins from their diet. Keeping a good eye on your pet will help you monitor its health. Does your pet’s coat look healthy? Is it eating and drinking well? The latter is important as your pet’s gut needs to keep moving properly.

Keeping your pet fit and healthy

  • Daily care
  • Healthy feed and exercise
  • Attractive shelter
  • Comfortable ground cover
  • Basic feed and treats
  • Hay and straw products
  • Supplemental feed

Fun and originality from nature