Homefriends Timothy complete dinner
for guinea pig and rabbit

Homefriends Timothy Diner

Homefriends Timothy dinner with extra vitamin C is a complete pet food that meets the specific daily nutritional needs of your guinea pig and rabbit. These delicious fiber-rich nibbles are packed with natural ingredients, prevent selective eating and ensure proper digestion for your guinea pig and rabbit. To approximate natural eating patterns, it is best to offer a serving of Homefriends Timothy Dinner in the morning and evening. An adult guinea pig eats about 35 grams per kg body weight per day. An adult rabbit eats about 25 grams per kg body weight per day. Provide fresh drinking water and plenty of Homefriends hay every day to keep your guinea pig and rabbit in perfect condition.

Timothy complete dinner of superior quality

• High-fiber nibble chunks with extra vitamin C
• In handy, resealable packaging, preserving optimal flavour and quality

Fun and originality from nature