Carefully selected Homefriends meadow hay

Health and vitality

Homefriends hay provides essential roughage for rabbits and rodents. Formulated from pure natural hay types of the very highest quality. Hay ensures healthy gut flora and keeps your pet in great condition. Hay also contains high levels of crude fibre, which helps ensure good digestion and dental health.

Meadow hay

Eating unlimited hay

Hay promotes natural behaviour, stimulates and energizes, and stops your pet becoming bored. An adult rabbit’s feed should comprise 80% hay. Hay provides all the important nutrients your pet needs, so make sure yours have an unlimited supply.

Packshot Meadow hay

Traditionally packaged hay

Meadow hay has been packaged loosely for many years, making it easy for you to grab a handful hay from the packaging to give to your pet.

Ready to use packaged hay

Compact hay packed in handy portions is really practical. Simply break a hay portion from the packaging and give it to your pet.

Homefriends Meadow hay

  • Essential roughage from pure natural hay types
  • Rich in crude fibre for healthy gut flora
  • For good digestion and dental health

Fun and originality from nature